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TELEMETRY (Option: Battery Operated)

National Enviro Engineering is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in telemetry systems. Automatic water level monitoring system is for measurement of water level in single boreholes or multiple boreholes using pressure sensors with different data transmission and downloading options. Various system configurable options with telemetry System, available depending upon the site conditions. National Enviro Engineering is the best telemetry system supplier in Delhi.

Why Telemetry?

Telemetry is defined as the sensing and measuring of information at some remote location and then transmitting that information to a central or host location. There, it can be monitored and used to control a process at the remote site. The basic concept of telemetry has been in existence for centuries. Various mediums or methods of transmitting data from one site to another have been used. Data radio provides a wireless method for transmitting the information. Telemetry using radio waves or wireless offers several distinct advantages over other transmission methods.

The purpose of a Telemetry system is to collect data at a place that is remote or inconvenient and to relay the data to a point where the data may be evaluated. This process can be achieved via wire-line or wireless links. Telemetry has the advantage of reducing the cost of manually reading, checking and controlling remote devices. When telemetry applications use wireless technology, additional benefits accrue. The use of wireless technology enables systems to be located virtually anywhere without depending on the telephone company for line installation. We are the best telemetry system manufacturer in India.

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